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A More Creative Pride

June is LGBTQ Pride, a month to recognize the various identities within the community and commemorate their contributions to society. Pride events began as protests but they are increasingly a time for celebration. As Pride festivities become more mainstream and corporatized, the events run the… Read More »A More Creative Pride

A child creating rocket ships out of colored paper.

The Site Launch

Welcome to the launch of mattdesingcreative.com, a website and blog that focus on creativity in all aspects of life. I am excited that you are visiting this page and invite you to explore its content. In this post, I explain my approach to creativity, the… Read More »The Site Launch

A home-crafted May basket made of a plastic cup and colorful tissue-paper flowers.

May Baskets

The tradition of the May basket is a way of welcoming spring and celebrating companionship that is sadly passing from cultural memory in contemporary society. In the U.S., the custom had its heyday in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and while it has… Read More »May Baskets