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Creativity Beyond Art & Design

Heightening your creativity can enhance your job satisfaction, your lifestyle, and your relationships. The posts in my blog provide topics for reflection and ideas for action to help you access creativity in various areas of your of life. Taking an integrative approach to creativity can help you get what you want out of your expanding imagination.

What is Creativity?

Each expert will explain it in a slightly different way, but I prefer an expansive definition. In broad terms, creativity is the ability to make new connections that are somehow useful. In cooking, for example, creativity could be combining your favorite ingredients with a new cooking technique (that’s the “new connections” part). The desired outcome is to create something nourishing and delicious (that’s the “useful” part). People can be creative in preparing a report, planting a garden, planning a trip, or parenting. There are very few aspects of life that couldn’t be enhanced through creativity.

What makes me different from other professionals who work with creativity?​

Many writers, thinkers, and creators view creativity from a single perspective. They approach it only through the world of art and design or with perspectives exclusively from cognitive science. They apply business models to the creative process or use tools from self-help. I approach creativity by integrating the whole person, from how you think and feel, to what you create, to how you approach your work, free time, and relationships. 

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For the last several years, instead of making a New Year’s resolution, I’ve chosen a year-long theme. The idea is to select a word or

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Who is Matt Desing?

I’m an academic, a writer, and an artist. I have a Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota and have taught college-level courses for more than 20 years. I paint, write fiction and non-fiction, and love to travel. I joyfully approach all of these aspects of my life with imagination, and I hope you’ll find increasing levels of happiness and success by exploring creativity with me. Learn more about Matt »

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